World Medical Card

The Norwegian/Swiss company World Medical Center is behind the work on the development of this international emergency card.


Active Users

We have served more than 1 million users on our medical solution.


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We are represented in several countries around the world.


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We have more than 5000 app downloads across App Store and Google Play.

What is The World Medical Card

The World Medical Card® is a subscription service designed to provide you with a safer everyday life, and make health professionals able to support you fast and accurate should you find yourself in a situation where it’s required. You will have your own personal profile which can be accessed via app or browser. Enter your critical health information and keep it updated. You can chose to share your profile with relatives, travel partner or others you trust, so that they can be able to provide you with first line of support. Your medical information is coded according to World Health Organizations global standards (ICD-10, ATC) to ensure that your condition and requirement is understood by health professionals and pharmaceutical personnel all over the world. There is a built in translation function for 135 languages which will ease communication in relevant local terms. The World Medical Card makes it easy for health professionals to support you when needed.

A Common Problem With Medical Treatment

Lack of information about a patient’s medical history is one of the main reasons for delays and malpractice in emergency situations. Wrong diagnosis and incorrect treatment is a serious and complex problem worldwide, which can lead to unnecessary suffering and waste of resources.

“We help people get fast and safe medical treatment by giving them an international health card with codes that can be read by doctors all over the world. In this way, we also help the doctors who treat the patient. ”

Professor Michael Nobel
PhD, Chairman of the Board of WMC Holding

The World Medical Card® in The World

We at The World Medical Card® are proud to have members in more than 27 countries, and we actively work to be able to offer our solution to everyone. Our unique service increases your safety and can save lives by letting you gather your personal and medical information in one place. The World Medical Card® works anywhere in the world.

Security & Privacy Regulation

WMC Technologies provides our customers with the highest level of security available for online data storage, including personal information and transactions. All sensitive information shared between your computer and our server is encrypted via extended SSL. Our Extended (Extended validation – EV) SSL-certificate is provided by GlobalSign. This certification ensures that all information transferred is safe and protected from third parties.

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